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Home Physiotherapy Treatmenr

Home Physiotherapy Service

OPTRA Care provides excellent home care physiotherapy in most part of Bangalore. Our expert team of home physiotherapists are experienced and trained. They are ready to take up any kind of rehabilitation challenges. Be it a post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation or a chronic back pain. Our experts in home physiotherapy can provide treatment with evidence-based manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy modalities.

At OPTRA CARE, physiotherapy happens as per the guidelines of the referring doctor. Our senior home physiotherapy team members coordinate with the patient to ensure systematic planning and execution of the therapy. We make sure that physios adhere to the treatment guidelines. Regular updates are given to the referring doctor, if necessary. Unlike other home physiotherapy service aggregators, OPTRA CARE is founded and run by two experienced physiotherapists. We understand that home Physiotherapy, just like another medical service, needs the expertise and personal touch to deliver the best care.

Try OPTRA CARE’s home physiotherapy service today and we can guarantee that you will never look anywhere else for any home physiotherapy services.


Q. How does home physiotherapy differ from clinic sessions?

Answer: Home physiotherapy offers personalized care in the familiar environment of your home, allowing us to address specific challenges and tailor treatments accordingly.

Q. What conditions can be treated through home physiotherapy?

Answer: Home physiotherapy is suitable for a wide range of conditions, including musculoskeletal issues, post-operative recovery, neurological conditions, and more.

Q. How do you assess and create personalized treatment plans during home visits?

Answer: We conduct a comprehensive assessment during the initial visit, considering your medical history and home environment. If your referral doctor has prescribed specific physio rehab protocol, we take that into consideration as well. Treatment plans are individualized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Q. What qualifications and experience do your home physiotherapists have?

Answer: Our home physiotherapists are professional physiotherapists with extensive clinical experience. They undergo specialized training to adapt treatments for diverse conditions and ensure quality care.

Q. How is progress monitored during home physiotherapy sessions?

Answer: We use objective measures, regular assessments, and ongoing communication to track your progress. Your feedback is invaluable, allowing us to make necessary adjustments to optimize your treatment plan.

Q. What safety measures are in place during home visits, especially in the current health climate?

Answer: Our physiotherapists strictly adhere to hygiene protocols, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and follow health guidelines to ensure the safety of both patients and our staff.

Q. How often are home physiotherapy sessions recommended, and how long is each session?

Answer: Session frequency and duration depend on your individual needs and condition. Typically, sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes, and the recommended frequency is determined collaboratively based on your treatment plan.

Q. Can insurance cover home physiotherapy services?

Answer: if you are taking Many insurancecover home physiotherapy. Our team assists in verifying your coverage and provides the necessary documentation to facilitate reimbursement.

Q. What if a patient requires additional equipment for exercises at home?

Answer: We assess the need for any equipment during the initial evaluation. If necessary, we guide patients on obtaining and using the required tools or suggest alternatives, ensuring effective at-home exercises.